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Custom Projects

While ESI has a very extensive range of standard equipment, much of which is not even displayed on this website, our engineers thrive on the challenge of expanding our product range by designing new machines or combining the attributes of several of the machines we have made in the past.

Some customers come to us with very specific ideas on the machine they want, more often, the customer knows the end product he needs to make but is not sure how to achieve it. Either way our sales engineers will work with our design group to give you a well thought out and simple solution to your problem. Because of the amount of custom machines we build we can often design and build custom machines in the time other people need for their standard equipment. Why settle for something that is less than ideal for your needs?

ESI’s in-house mechanical design and control engineering capabilities have allowed us to provide customers with custom tailored equipment designed around their specific application requirements. We invite you to take advantage of over 40 years of automation and process improvement design experience.




ESI specializes in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. We aspire to be your single choice in downstream equipment suppliers and realize that for this to happen we must insure your satisfaction with every aspect of the machine purchase process. ESI personnel are dedicated to providing you with superior sales support and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to surpass your expectations from your first contact with our sales engineering staff, through the machine build process and your future interaction with our parts and service departments.

we have the most complete line of equipment in the industryPERIOD.