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Product Line: Fabrication

Modern manufacturing philosophies such as lean manufacturing, JIT etc., have put increased emphasis on the reduction of waste throughout the manufacturing process. Reducing work-in-process and eliminating double handling can have an enormous impact on overall process efficiency. ESI pioneered the development of "In-line" fabrication equipment in the early 1980's and continues to lead the industry in this arena. Functions such as punching, routing, drilling, notching, cut-to-length etc., previously performed off-line can now be brought in-line; eliminating the need for redundant equipment, double handling as well as freeing up valuable human resources. ESI in-line fabrication equipment provides increased accuracy, repeatability and excellent ROI. Manufacturers of automotive gaskets, seals and trim components, appliance components, medical, building materials such as vinyl windows, fencing and office furniture etc. have taken advantage of this cost saving method of precision, finished part fabrication. Machines designed to perform multiple functions are also available further increasing process efficiency. We encourage you to contact your ESI sales engineer to discuss the possibilities of eliminating your off-line processing.

ESI offers in-line and end of line fabrication equipment for punching, routing, drilling, notching and finished cut-to-length of extruded profiles. Combination machines performing multiple fabrication functions are also available to further enhance process efficiencies.

While we have the most complete line of standard equipment in the industry, ESI realizes that in the modern manufacturing environment it is often in customer’s interest to obtain equipment that is modified or custom designed to fit their exact needs. This may be in relation to utilizing specific components or adjusting or combining machine designs to adjust to the customer’s existing or ideal process.




ESI specializes in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. We aspire to be your single choice in downstream equipment suppliers and realize that for this to happen we must insure your satisfaction with every aspect of the machine purchase process. ESI personnel are dedicated to providing you with superior sales support and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to surpass your expectations from your first contact with our sales engineering staff, through the machine build process and your future interaction with our parts and service departments.

we have the most complete line of equipment in the industryPERIOD.