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Product Line: Cutters

ESI flycutters are available in either high performance servo driven models or air actuated models. Both types are extremely low maintenance. Servo cutters are available with ASC for more demanding applications. The Airfly cutter is a pneumatically actuated, on-demand flyknife without friction surfaces normally associated with non-servo flycutters (which typically have clutch brakes) for simplicity and ease of use. ESI’s Accufly utilizes the stop/go technology also used in our Accupunch and Accusaw series. The servo-controlled feeder is automatically synchronized to the extrusion line by the dancer. This system, in conjunction with the fiber optic length sensing ensures the utmost cut length accuracy by feeding the product in a relaxed (non stretched) manner and ensures the optimum cut quality because the extrudate is stopped during the cut. ESI offers a variety of cuff cutting solutions. These machines can be equipped with cuff clamping mechanisms (for better cut quality by supporting the smaller cuff diameter) in our Accufly series or can utilize our ASC technology to cut multiple cut lengths out of the same mold chain. Cuff cutouts can be removed in either design of cuff cutter. For sheet products ESI offers a range of crosscut undriven rotary cutters, pneumatic and hydraulic shears and guillotine cutters. Systems can be setup for cut-to-length or cut-to-weight. Cut-to-weight is often utilized for applications producing prep stock for compression molding of rubber. Our range of cutters is very expansive and also includes spin cutters for planetary cutting brittle polymers, spiral cutting tubing for wire/cable wrapping applications and fitting line or part identification printing hoses or other profiles using contact or non-contact printing methods.

ESI cutter designs include air and servo actuated fly-cutters, guillotine cutters, cuff cutting systems, spin cutters, sheet cutting systems and more. From scrap cutting to the most demanding cut to length accuracy requirements, ESI can privide a cutting solution to meet your needs.

With over forty years experience in supplying producers of  extruded rubber profile, tube and hose, ESI is uniquely qualified to assist customers with their downstream machinery needs.

ESI offers standard and custom designed downstream extrusion equipment in every aspect of the rubber extrusion line




ESI has the widest range of standard equipment in the industry.  All of our equipment categories are offered in multiple configurations and with a wide range of standard options allowing our customers to choose the precise machine package to meet their processing requirements.  With ESI, choosing a standard design doesn’t mean limited functionality. 

we have the most complete line of equipment in the industryPERIOD.