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Product Line: Saws

ESI cut-off saws for extruded plastic, rubber and wood composite profiles are designed to provide reliable continuous operation while producing repeatable cut length accuracy. Models are offered with down-cut, cross-cut or up-cut saw motions providing the ability to choose the optimal cutting motion for your application. ESI offers saw designs that utilize AC inverter saw motors which not only feature adjustable blade speed, to assist in maximizing cut quality, but also provide dynamic braking of the saw blade. This feature stops the blade any time power is interrupted (such as when an interlocked door is opened) keeping the saw blade from freewheeling and providing another level of safety for the operator. Full safety cages surround all ESI saw heads. ESI fixed and boosting (traveling) saws have a long history of providing repeatable cut length accuracy and reliable service in a user and maintenance friendly platform. Our unique Accusaw design for flexible plastic and rubber (reinforced and non-reinforced) utilizes a servo driven stop/go feed system and fiber optic length control to provide superior cut length accuracy while insuring cut squareness. ESI boosting (traveling) saws, for rigid extrudates, incorporate moving saw tables mounted on linear rails and are available with pneumatic or servo driven table motion. ASC series servo boosting saws provide superior cut length accuracy control by utilizing advanced motion control programming in conjunction with high-resolution encoders, low inertia servomotors and precision ball screw assemblies. ASC servo saws have proven to produce in-line cut length accuracy of +/- 0.020" on stable plastic extrusion lines. Models are available in either single strand or dual up configurations. ESI also provides numerous choices in blade diameter, saw motor sizes, saw platform and control packages. In addition to this wide range of standard saw designs; ESI can provide custom designed equipment to meet the challenges of your cutting application and can couple miter cut capability and automatic drilling into our wide range of saws.

ESI saws are available in either servo controlled stop start operation for flexible profiles, or with air or servo boosted tables in single or dual strand designs. With a wide variety of blade sizes and cutting configurations ESI saws provide the ability to perfectly match the machine to specific applications.

ESI specializes in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. We aspire to be your single choice in downstream equipment suppliers and realize that for this to happen we must insure your satisfaction with every aspect of the machine purchase process. ESI personnel are dedicated to providing you with superior sales support and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to surpass your expectations from your first contact with our sales engineering staff, through the machine build process and your future interaction with our parts and service departments.




All equipment is manufactured in our state of the art 50,000 sq. ft. fully craned facility situated on a five-acre campus in Akron, OH. ESI’s fully equipped, in-house machining department, including CNC and wire EDM machining capabilities, along with our welding, fabrication and assembly departments are monitored through our fully integrated shop management and inventory control software system, providing real time project management and parts tracking information. ESI’s 3-D design capabilities assist in streamlining manufacturing and have the added advantage of providing customers with 3-D models for increased clarity and understanding of the equipment proposed.

we have the most complete line of equipment in the industryPERIOD.