Servo Cutter

For higher performance cutting applications, our servo driven flycutters are available with a variety of cutting torques and speeds. Brushless servomotors, directly coupled to the machined blade holder, drive these cutters. Since no friction wear surfaces such as clutch or brake assemblies are utilized, continuous adjustment or replacement to insure accuracy is a thing of the past.

The base servo control provides for ‘on-demand’ cutting with simple operation through the standard interface. ASC servo cutters are also available with automatic camming allowing non continuous flyknife motion up to 1000 cuts per minute and continuous cutting up to 1400 cuts per minute. Blade speed and other parameters are adjustable on the color touch screen operator interface.

Standard Features:

  • 80 In-Lb brushless servo cutter motor
  • Unique Self-Aligning ‘Quick change’ bushing assembly (No tools required for bushing changeover)
  • One-piece 3 ½” OD cutter bushing design
  • Direct coupled cutter motor & blade holder – no belts or clutches
  • On-Demand mode of up to 350 cuts-per-minute
  • Cutter guard electrically interlocked
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Available Options:

  • ASC motion control upgrade (allows for Continuous operations of up to 1400 cuts-per-minute)
  • Servo motor upgrades for increased cutting torque
  • Blade lubrication system
  • Cutter head on X-Axis slide assembly
  • Increased diameter self-aligning quick change bushings