Plastic Capabilities

ESI is a leading design and manufacturer of downstream processing equipment for the plastic profile, tubing and small diameter pipe industries. With the widest range of standard equipment in the industry, ESI can provide single source equipment from the extrusion die through to end of line material handling. Engineered turn-key extrusion systems including start-up, run-in and training are also available including line control integration for increased process control. All standard equipment categories are offered in numerous configurations and with a wide range of optional equipment allowing a wide variety of choices as customer’s look to improve their process capabilities. Today’s competitive plastics market may require processors to look toward modified or custom designed equipment solutions to further enhance their ability to stay competitive. Through our in-house design engineering capabilities, ESI can provide custom engineered solutions designed around your specific processing requirements.

From our inception in 1981 we have developed an industry wide reputation as an innovator in the design and manufacture of downstream extrusion processing equipment. Our pioneering work in the development of in-line fabrication equipment has provided customers the ability to further enhance their lean manufacturing initiatives by providing a means to bring fabrication functions such as punching cutouts, notching, drilling, routing, multi-axis and angled end cuts, into the extrusion line, eliminating WIP and double handling. Our unique Accupunch series of in-line fabrication equipment has provided extruders with the ability to produce repeatable, finished parts at the end of the extrusion line for over twenty years. Processors of very rigid profiles can take advantage of our ASC series of servo boosting presses providing highly accurate, high speed in-line fabrication by precisely following the extrusion line speed through the use of precision ball screws, superior servo control and high resolution encoder.

ESI’s dedication to maintaining our position as an industry leader in the areas of cut-to-length accuracy has lead to the development of numerous industry leading advancements in the area of precision cut-to-length equipment. By utilizing the latest developments in servo motion control technology and our in-house control programming capabilities, ESI has developed our industry leading HAPC line of fly cutting equipment which has proven to produce in-line cut accuracy of 0.002″ at a 1.6 CPK at cut rates of 657 cuts-per-minute (system capability up to 3000 cuts per minute). Our ASC line of servo boosting saws, for larger profiles, has provided in-line cut length accuracy of +/- 0.020” and feature blade speed regulation allowing cut quality optimization.

ESI specializes in partnering with our customers and aiding their process improvement initiatives. Our vast experience, gained in over twenty-five years and through thousands of applications, in conjunction with our design focus on process improvement and automation, allow us to provide a unique perspective to projects. All ESI downstream equipment is designed to provide long term, repeatable service and is configured in a user and maintenance friendly package. We invite you to contact one of our sales engineers to discuss your plastic processing application. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the ESI advantage with you and ways that we can help you improve your overall process.

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