Boosting Punch with ASC (Advanced Servo Control)

ESI’s ASC boosting punch is designed for fabricating profiles too rigid to stop with the Accupunch. The machine represents a combination of the press used on ESI’s top selling Accupunch and the controls utilized on ESI’s ASC boosting saw. The press is an air diaphragm type with up to 3” stroke and spring return. Standard press size is 20-1/2 x 15-1/2. A full safety cage surrounds the press and boosting mechanism. Support tables are mounted before and after press.

Standard Features:

  • 7 Ton, 4-Post air actuated press assembly
  • Press is mounted on heavy duty linear profiled guide rails
  • Carriage actuated by servo controlled, precision ground ball screw system
  • Press is triggered and cut length point is latched to line speed via a high resolution line encoder
  • Encoder wheel rides on product and is mounted to pneumatic lever arm at machine entry
  • Machine actions are controlled by a servo motion controller
  • Cut length accuracy capable of +/- .020” (exclusive of product slippage)
  • Color Touch Screen operator interface display panel to provide the operator with system input
  • Safety enclosure with front access doors surrounds the main frame with keyed interlocks

Available Options:

  • Fabrication Tooling
  • Servo activated press
  • Larger or smaller press
  • Multiple fabrication methods e.g. routing, drilling, multi-plane punching, sawing
  • Automatic lubrication system