ESI coilers are available in single or dual station designs. When two coiling stations are provided, operator switches stations when one reel is full while other station is coiling. Coilers can be supplied with traverse mechanisms for layering extrudate side by side on a wide reel or without traverse for strip winding applications. Mechanical traverses are driven by the main coiler drive and allow the operator to mechanically adjust the ratio on the traverse mechanism. Upgraded electronic traverses are also available which incorporate a separate drive motor, which is electronically ratioed to the main coiler drive. Coilers are supplied with dancer mechanisms to control the main reel drive and adjust the rotational speed as the effective coil diameter increases. Counters and encoders are supplied which will automatically stop the reel when the desired length has been coiled on the reel.

Machines can be supplied with expandable hubs for coreless coiling or for reels not suitable for loading on a shaft. For high speed or small reel applications, or where operator is not assigned to the end of the line, machines can be supplied with automatic cut and transfer which will automatically cut the product and start the next reel when the desired length has been coiled. For some applications ESI can supply cut and transfer coilers, which can then take the completed coils, band with plastic banding and eject the completed coil from the machine.