Combination Vacuum Sizing Tanks

ESI combination vacuum sizing tanks offer the ultimate in sizing and cooling flexibility to accommodate the varying sizing needs associated with profile vacuum calibration and atmospheric sizing of tubes and hollows.  Combination tanks provide the ability to utilize full vacuum and/or vacuum calibration sizing on a common machine platform.

ESI combination vacuum sizing tanks are a perfect solution for custom extruders as they eliminate the need for special purpose sizing tanks.  Standard models are well equipped and include liquid seal vacuum pumps, vacuum level control, multi-directional tank movement and feature integrated flood, atomized spray or combination flood/spray cooling.  The addition of available options such as multi-zone vacuum control, hot water annealing, and closed loop water re-circulation, increase the efficiency and control of exturdate cooling and sizing.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel tank construction
  • Full vacuum or calibration sizing (wet or dry)
  • Heavy duty prefabricated bulkheads
  • Non-corrosive internal components
  • Stainless steel overflow pans with drains
  • High performance liquid seal vacuum pumps
  • X-Y-Z multi-axis tank adjustment
  • Blow-off compartment with drain
  • User friendly vacuum level control

Available Options:

  • Closed loop water systems
  • Spray/flood cooling combination
  • Automatic, closed loop vacuum control
  • Temperature controlled hot water annealing
  • Motorized tank movement
  • Single or multi-zone water filtration
  • Integrated heat exchangers
  • Multi-zone vacuum
  • Self-contained water blow off systems
  • Bronze vacuum pumps