Custom In-line Fabrication

Since it’s inception in 1981, ESI has specialized in in-line fabrication. While the Accupunch series has been available since the early days, ESI is constantly evolving the capabilities of the series. ESI has supplied Accupunches with up to five fabrication presses (some equipped with programmable product features and often mounted in multiple planes), routing systems, drilling systems, sawing systems. ESI has also supplied many variations of boosting fabrication equipment, again this consists of punching, drilling, routing and sawing (including miter cuts) and often consisting of a combination of several of these fabrication methods. The return on investment on in-line fabrication is often extremely fast due to the labor reduction and elimination of work in process. In the modern manufacturing environment most of the Companies who are doing well are the Companies who can produce finished parts more efficiently than their competitors. Automation of fabrication is often the best place to look.

The machines shown on this page are only a small selection of the many different types of machines we have designed and manufactured. In many cases ESI manufactured the complete system including punch tooling in our state of the art manufacturing facility. We also often utilize our advanced motion control programming to allow synchronization of the multiple cutting mechanisms, including recipe driven automatic selection of part features from a library. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your fabrication needs.