Cut-and-Transfer Coiler

ESI Cut-and-transfer coilers automatically cut the extrudate to length, index coiling stations and start the next coil without operator intervention. This can greatly reduce labor by allowing the operator to be assigned additional tasks, instead of waiting for the reel to complete. On high speed extrusion lines or lines which run short length coils it is often necessary to allocate an operator exclusively to the coiling station to change reels. The time taken to manually change reels often results in a significant length of extrudate being accumulated during the changeover causing extrudate to pile up on the floor and the operator to run the coiler at a very high speed to catch up. This can result in poor quality coils and resultant damage to the extrudate.

Depending on the application ESI cut-and-transfer coilers can include combination cut and clamp mechanisms or separate cutter and clamp mechanisms. All ESI cut-and-transfer coilers include multi-axis programmable motion controllers and brushless servomotors. For increased automation ESI can supply cut-and-transfer coilers, which can then take the completed coils, band with plastic banding and eject the completed coil from the machine. Systems can be supplied with recipe functions for storing of specific product parameters. Due too the high degree of automation on ESI cut-and-transfer systems with banding and part ejection, machine payback due to labor saving can be extremely quick.