Full Vacuum Sizing Tanks

ESI’s Full Vacuum Sizing Tanks are designed for the processing of tubing and small pipe in a variety of rigid and flexible materials. A variety of different cross sections and tank lengths are available. All tanks are manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel and incorporate non-corrosive internal components. Standard features include high performance liquid seal vacuum pumps or venturi style injectors for accurate and consistent vacuum control, as well as multi-compartment designs, individual vacuum and volume adjustment, clear tempered glass lids with self adjusting hinge assemblies, large overflow basins and multi-directional tank movement with hand wheel adjustment.

ESI vacuum tanks are available in a variety of standard sizes with optional features such as closed loop circulation systems with high output pumps and stainless steel reservoirs, multiple vacuum pumps with separate zone control and precision closed loop vacuum level control.

Standard Features:

  • Closed atmospheric vacuum sizing designs
  • Welded stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty prefabricated bulkheads
  • Non-corrosive internal components
  • Tempered glass lids with self-adjusting hinges
  • High performance (3 HP or larger) liquid seal vacuum pumps or venturi injector systems for full and supplemental vacuum
  • Start-up compartments with individual controls
  • X-Y-Z multi-axis tank adjustment
  • Blow off compartment with drain

Available Options:

  • Closed loop circulation systems
  • 25, 55, 80 sq. ft. heat exchangers
  • Hot water annealing with circulation
  • Vacuum pump upgrades
  • Automatic precision vacuum level control
  • Full spray cooling sections
  • Self-contained blow off systems
  • Single or dual bag filtration systems
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Motorized axis adjustments