HD-Series Belt Puller

ESI HD series pullers are designed to deliver maximum pull force and speed consistency where a cleated belt puller may not be suitable. With 6″ and 12″ belt width and 36″, 48″ and 60″ contact length these chain driven pullers are suitable where large pulling force and very robust construction are required. Various belt materials are available for maximum grip on your product.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty gearboxes with chain drives
  • Self adjusting upper pneumatic belt assembly
  • Designed with two-post frame and outboard bearing plates
  • Fully guarded with access doors
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal entrance guide rollers
  • 3 HP AC inverter duty motor, sensorless with 60:1 speed range
  • Operator controls include: power On/Off, manual potentiometer, digital display of puller speed and ‘E’ stop
  • Upper and lower belts driven thru a double sprocket and chain assembly which includes a self adjusting tensioner

Available Options:

  • Belt gap indicator
  • 5 HP AC inverter duty motor, sensorless with 60:1 speed range
  • Pressure differential system
  • Flux Vector AC drive system with encoder feedback and digital speed control