Multi-Pass Cooling Tank

When you are limited on floor space for your cooling needs, just look to ESI’s Multi-Pass cooling tanks to solve your problem. With our Multi-Pass cooling tank, your flexible plastic or rubber profile can be wrapped several times around our custom capstan rollers to eliminate the need for longer or multiple spray tanks.

Standard Features:

  • Capstans are mounted on each end of the tank. Depending on the application, multiple capstans can be mounted on each shaft or wide capstans can accommodate multiple wraps of the extrudate.
  • Different capstan diameters and materials are available.
  • With large diameter capstans, upper spray tanks can be mounted at the top of the capstan for cooling of the extrudate on the return pass. With smaller capstans the extrudate stays in the lower tank.
  • Tank is constructed of stainless steel
  • Two full length spray manifolds are mounted above and below the extrudate to direct the spray down on to the product
  • Upper & lower spray manifolds are separately controlled with hand valves
  • Capstans or an internal conveyor can be driven by a variable speed AC or DC motor/drive system
  • Tanks can include pneumatically operated clear hinged lids for string-up & product access
  • Central water circulation system includes stainless steel reservoir & pump
  • Plumbing includes dual strainers & bypass valves
  • Exit blow off section includes ring style nozzle

Available Options:

  • Shell & Tube heat exchanger
  • Self-Contained blow-off system
  • Custom lengths and cross sections