Performer PCT Vacuum Calibration Tables

ESI is pleased to announce the addition of the Performer Series vacuum calibration tables to our complete line of U.S. manufactured downstream extrusion processing equipment.  The Performer PCT platform provides ultimate flexibility in vacuum sizing while maintaining precise vacuum level control and providing high efficiency cooling of extrudates through the use of optional table mounted tanks.

Performer PCT vacuum sizing tables provide processors of rigid, solid, foamed and hollow plastic profiles, a robust, flexible platform and the ability to utilize numerous vacuum sizing methods in a single platform.

Performer PCT calibration tables are available in a wide variety of standard lengths and widths and with numerous manifold, vacuum and water pump configurations, in both single strand and dual strand layouts.

Processors looking for a streamlined alternative to traditional line layouts can utilize ESI’s Performer PPS puller-saw combination units in conjunction with the Performer PCT tables for a state of the art, modular extrusion line configuration.

Standard Features:

  • Full length tooling and tank mounting rails
  • Stainless support table and valve/control panels
  • Motorized table movement
  • Height +/- 3″
  • Upstream/downstream 36″
  • Cross line adjustment +/- 1″
  • Multi-zone water and vacuum controls
  • Stainless Steel water pumps
  • Non-corrosive plumbing
  • Vacuum and water pumps mounted on slotted rails for maintenance access
  • High efficiency, liquid seal vacuum pumps
  • Standard lengths from 10′-50′

Available Options:

  • Integrated closed loop water system
  • Integrated heat exchanger
  • Cyclone water separator
  • Single or multi-zone water filtration
  • Bronze vacuum pumps
  • Smoked Lexan access doors
  • Micro/Macro speed adjustment
  • Polycarbonate upper sizing/cooling tanks
  • Self-contained water blow off
  • Precision, closed loop vacuum level control
  • Custom tooling rail centerlines, table widths and lengths
  • Closed loop water temperature control
  • Dual strand table configurations