Servo Press Accupunch

The Accupunch series machines provide precision fabrication functions such as punching, notching and complex end cuts of flexible and rigid plastic, rubber or composite profiles to finished part tolerances while still in the extrusion line. High torque servomotors actuating offset cranks are used for providing high speeds to the Servo Press Accupunch. Presses can be mounted in different planes to provide multi-axis fabrication.

Accupunch precision is achieved by incorporating a servo driven, stop/go feeder with fiber optics for function triggering. Many processors have had concerns about looping the extrusion but have found that the amount of time needed to perform the desired function is measured in fractions of a second and has no adverse effect on the process. ESI has successfully utilized this unique proven process in numerous applications for over 25 years and it is the foundation of our complete “ACCU” series of fabricators, saws and flyknives.

Standard Features:

  • 3“ x 18“ Servo driven smooth belt feeder
  • Single Axis Fabrication assembly: Servo driven, cam actuated die-set mount
  • Servo controlled feeder follows dancer and provides controlled stop prior to press cycle. Product loops during punch cycle and feeder automatically over-speeds to maintain synchronization with extrusion line.
  • Takeaway conveyor is mounted at the exit of the press
  • Integrated encoder or fiber optic cut activation modes
  • Machine actions and operations controlled by a programmable servo controller
  • Machine capability of 90 CPM
  • Cut length accuracy capability of ±0.010″ in fiber optic length control mode
  • Safety enclosure surrounds the press
  • Keyed interlocks are mounted on all guard doors
  • Color Touch Screen operator interface

Available Options:

  • Multiple presses for intermediate fabrication
  • Multi-axis fabrication
  • Fabrication Tooling
  • Pneumatic belt actuation
  • Belt Gap indicator
  • Optional feeder belt sizes
  • Non contact sonic dancer
  • Digital fiber optic readout
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Automatic cut part blow-off system
  • Servo driven exit conveyor
  • Extended takeaway conveyor length
  • Servo motor upgrades
  • Ability to incorporate saw, drill, router, etc.