Vacuum Calibration Table

ESI’s Vacuum Tables are designed for the processing of plastic profiles in a variety of rigid materials. Tables can be supplied in a variety of widths and lengths with different manifold and cooling options. Standard features include high performance liquid seal vacuum pumps for accurate and consistent vacuum control and multi-directional tank movement with hand wheel adjustment.

ESI tables are available with optional features such as closed loop circulation systems with high output pumps and stainless steel reservoirs, multiple vacuum pumps.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel tray with water drain connections
  • Precision machined stainless steel tooling rails on front section
  • Stainless steel tracks on remainder of table length
  • Motorized table movement to adjust table height +/- 3″ and up and down line adjustment of 3′ (with micro and macro speed adjustment)
  • Central manual side to side adjustment of +/- 1″ Upstream and downstream ends of table are adjusted via a single hand wheel
  • Calibration table equipped with two (2) vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum pumps on slotted mount allowing the pumps to be slid forward for easy access to pumps for cleaning and maintenance
  • Independent vacuum manifolds for each pump with individual ball valves
  • Integrated water manifold plumbed and ready for connection to customer supplied tooling

Available Options:

  • Vacuum pump upgrades
  • Closed loop water re-circulation system includes stainless steel centrifugal water circulation pump, reservoir holding tank includes controls and float valve, with supply inlet for connection to customer’s makeup water supply
  • Single Bag Filtration System includes a single, integrated filter bag housing
  • Dual Bag Filtration system